Monday, 6 November 2017

A Glimpse of The Best Of Varix Playlist Volume 2

We successfully release 100 tracks of pure reggae roots on  December of 2016.
Divided into 2 packs of 50 tracks each we make up the VOLUME ONE of
The Best Of Varix Playlist.
This year 2017 towards the end of November and December we will be releasing
The Best of Varix Playlist VOLUME TWO
Get a glimpse on what tracks will be up on this album.
Please note we do not own the tracks limited privileges were given for promotional purposes 
only. all rights reserved for the rightful artists, producers, record labels and Copyright is not bridged. 

Check out our 2 packs of the Volume 1 of this album

Romain Virgo New Single

Be the first to hear this massive tune.
This is another single from the new album Romain is working on.
After the LoveSick single tune that recently and is still hitting the charts he
released this single under the Record Label of VPAL Music Group / VP Records.
Trouble is the title of the single which will soon be featured on the New Project still in the studios.
According to Jamaican Observer the album is call LoveSick untill the studio can release a new name for this album .

Friday, 3 November 2017

The Best October / November Selection Reggae / Dancehall

Randy Valentine - New Narrative EP Promo

The nine track project "New Narrative" will be available in stores on November 10th.
Produced by Royal Order Music and Loud City Music, "New Narrative" takes you through some of Randy Valentine's life journey conveying the power to manifest one's own destiny.
Check out three of the tracks from the EP.
1. New Narrative (Intro)
2. Happiness Station
4. Real Like That
7. Me & My Lioness
8. Warrior Ah Road
9. Vigilant (Dub)

Just In Time" by Randy Valentine. The second single and track 6 from the nine track project "New Narrative" available in stores and streaming sites November 10th.
Produced by Royal Order Music and Loud City Music,

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

New Kingston - A Kingston Story Come From Far 2017 Album Promo

Easy Star Records have released a 10 tracks album
for New Kingston titled A Kingston Story Come From Far
Here are selected tracks taken from the new
album. Have a listen and don't forget
to support the artist.
New Kingston - A Kingston Story Come From Far 2017
 [Easy Star Records]
Release date: 08/25/2017

04. Browne's Interlude
06. Stereotypes